English or Russian – what do you think?

So judging by the fact that this blog had the highest number of visitors and views yesterday, I can only draw one of two conclusions: one – that my sister is a WAY better writer and should take over the blog (or at least guest-post more often :)), or two – that writing in English actually appeals to a much broader audience and I should switch the majority of my posts to English.  On further reflection, I also realized that these two thoughts aren’t actually mutually exclusive and could both be true.  But in all seriousness – for anyone who reads this blog regularly or on occasion – what language would you prefer for the language-neutral posts – English or Russian?


4 thoughts on “English or Russian – what do you think?

  1. Sasha Fradkin

    English. I enjoy reading in both but I think that most of the Russian readers speak English and there are a number of people who don’t speak Russian who might be interested.


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